Rich Secco: The rich b!tch fridge

Campaign details

Advertiser: Rich Secco
Agency: Cheil Germany
Category: Use of Mobile Social Media
Region: EMEA


Rich Secco is the #1 canned Prosecco drink in Germany for the target group of women 18–29, sold exclusively in bars and clubs.

But these women often don't have to buy drinks themselves when they go out, because guys invite them. However, guys aren't always in bars and fancy clubs – whether they didn't get in or just want to hang around with their friends. So the strategy and the idea was to boost sales through playfully connecting women in the club with men everywhere else via social media and online sales capabilities. The result was the RICH B!TCH FRIDGE, an innovative and playful self-service fridge, which helps women to get a free drink from men. And every guy to pick up as many girls in as many clubs they want – even when they are at home.