Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Authors: David Furnish and Katrina Michel

Never underestimate the power of advertising: How advertising is helping to promote the giving of flowers


This paper is about the marriage between a highly involving message and a highly impactful medium. The message is an unusual one, the uplifting nature of giving and receiving flowers. The medium is Superlites - close enough to the point of purchase to allow consumers to act on the message. During the bleak winter months of 1991, the good people of Yorkshire were exposed to a generic campaign for flowers designed to dispel their reputation for toughness and parsimony and prompt them into making flowers more a part of their everyday lives than ever before.


The Flowers and Plants Association

The Flowers and Plants Association (F&PA) was established in 1984 to encourage and promote the sales of cut flowers and pot plants by means of generic advertising campaigns and public relations activity. The F&PA aims to stimulate more everyday, inexpensive flower and plant purchases rather than focus on generating sales around traditional flower giving occasions (ie Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Easter) where more expensive, pre-arranged bouquets are appropriate; this is an area that is already well covered by Interflora.

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