Robinsons Fruit Shoot – Kicking the habit: how we freed Fruit Shoot from its promotional addiction

Principal Authors: Nina Rahmatallah and Priyanka Kanse – BBH

Contributing Authors: Cameron Davidson and Leslie Davey – Britvic; Katherine Munford and Vishal Patel – Data2Decisions


This paper was regarded with much enthusiasm by the judges for its wonderful use of different media to engage with a young audience in ways that they and their parents (and the regulators) could see real value in. In 2008 Fruit Shoot found itself in a downward spiral of promotional addiction, locked in a battle with retailers that no one could win. Ironically as the drink became cheaper to buy, it became less attractive to mums. To reverse this, communications leveraged traditional and non-traditional media to drive demand amongst increasingly price-conscious mums whilst supporting a 1.5% increase in Fruit Shoot's price. The key to this was to drive credibility in the playground, which was achieved by the creation of ‘What's your juice?', a multi-channel platform designed to inspire and teach kids cool skills from diabolo to BMX. TV advertising and advertiser-funded programming were employed to drive mass awareness. The campaign resulted in £3.89m incremental sales, and a payback of £3.29 for every £1 spent. The case clearly shows that creative and insightful content can work with traditional advertising to deliver real value for advertisers, and how those facing tight regulations can still work within them by employing new channels and smart thinking.