Promotion and advertising in fmcg markets – single-source data analysis

Lars Bech Christensen & Flemming Hansen
Copenhagen Business School


Fast moving consumer goods accounts for a very large part of people's everyday purchases. This makes analysis of single-source data on fmcg purchases necessary, in order to understand how promotion is used in combination with advertising, to market a wide variety of products and brands.


The diary based Adlab database consists of data, collected in the UK in a 5-year period from 1985 to 1990. The number of respondents in the panel was about 1000, most of them housewives, who filled out diaries on a week-to-week basis, recording every purchase they made, the store in which they made them, the type of promotion if promotion was involved with the purchase, the price of the purchased product, and the size of the product purchased. At the same time they also reported their use of media, and combined with data on advertising in TV and radio in this period, it is possible to deduct what brand advertising the respondents were exposed to prior to a purchase.