Clorox digs down into native advertising

Native advertising remains a rather loosely-defined concept at present. But this has not stopped Clorox Co., the manufacturer of various food, chemical and consumer products - and which is perhaps best known for its eponymous bleach line - reaching its own provisional idea of what the practice involves.

According to Julie Jensen, the firm's senior group manager for media, it originally used a modest translation of what "native" means. This notion incorporated tactics such as simply adding its logo to a digital e-card that the organization believed would get "wide distribution" on Facebook.

But social media has demanded that marketers reconsider what kinds of advertising they put out into the marketplace, and how they go about that assignment. They can, for example, take a stealth path to brand recognition. Or they can do what Clorox did with its Liquid Plumber brand, and produce a television spot that is certain to generate viral energy taking it far beyond the original media buy.