Sony and the Playstation 4

Sam Kerr


It's been seven years since the PS3 was released and gamers and the industry alike have long been waiting with bated breath for the start of a new console generation. But the wait is now over as Sony finally unveiled the new PlayStation 4 during a live press conference in New York on the 20th of February, which was live-streamed to over 3.2 million viewers around the globe.


Sony highlighted several key developments including the new PlayStation Cloud service and the heavily updated Dual Shock 4 controller. Sony also briefly touched upon the merging of their online content services across music, video and gaming, all of which will tie into their comprehensive social network capabilities.

One of Sony's main areas of focus in this console generation is making core gaming a more social experience though the introduction of a new PlayStation Eye camera packaged with every unit and the new Dual Shock 4 controller, which includes a front-facing touchpad, microphone socket and a social sharing button. At a touch of a button, players will be able to automatically upload in-game screenshots or video content onto their Facebook profiles and UStream accounts, video chat with friends whilst playing and even be a spectator in each other's games.