Introducing the world's first web-connected home printer – HP Photosmart


Waking up a sleeping category

HP is the market share leader in consumer printing by a wide margin. But, despite this enviable position, the consumer printing category is becoming commoditized, and category sales (even before the economic crisis) have stagnated.

Part of the reason for this is that while consumer electronic developments across many categories have been propelled by the web and have become genuinely exciting to consumers (iPhone is the most obvious example) “home printing” seems increasingly undynamic and lacking in innovation.

Brand equity research shows that the HP printing brand is strong overall, but it also reveals some vulnerability, particularly in the areas of new product development and perceptions of differentiation. To maintain its leadership, HP has rallied internally behind the mantra of “reinvent consumer printing.” New capabilities and new products are key to making this aspiration come to life.

An opportunity not to miss