From fragrance to experience

Tiziana Traldi and Sabrina Donzelli
Future Concept Lab, Italy


We are witnessing a time in which the body and its “feelings” are the protagonists of the consumption experience and, as a consequence, its “sensorial” relationship with the world represents the new goal of advanced products and services.

A phenomenological perception of our consumption experience is now at the centre of the “new luxury” world, identified in the pleasure of the sensorial body pampered through daily and long lasting wellbeing rituals.

The “resurgence” of smell as the most archaic of our senses is fairly recent and rapidly expanding. The world of fragrances, in particular, is literally “exploding” from its traditional market sector such as, for example, that of perfumery, food, cosmetics and home ambience, into a new involvement with the widest imaginable range of products, from snickers to refrigerators. For example, Aspesi is an Italian refined fashion brand that has taken up producing a washing powder characterised by a range of refined fragrances and sold in an appealing perfume-like package.