eHarmony: 2012 Campaign

Business situation and campaign objectives

Simply put, our objective was to drive a greater volume of registrations and subscriptions at a lower cost. We had aggressive growth goals, but equally aggressive cost-per-subscription goals that had to be met. It was a challenging balancing act to manage.

We started working with eHarmony in Q2 2011. Together, eHarmony pioneered the online dating category. Their heritage was in creating the brand, while driving response using TV. They had great success in the past, but within the last few years, they started seeing significant downward trending, with double-digit declines in registrations and paid subscriptions. In addition, they experienced a decrease in key brand attributes due to creative wear-out, greater competition and a continuously maturing category.

In spite of these trends, the client maintained extremely aggressive annual goals managed daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. However, as registration and subscription goals increased, short-term attempts to tweak creative had no impact on improving the trends. The media needed to work even harder to improve the brand's "slump."