Getting Ready for the Next Generation of Marketing Communications

Arthur R. Tauder

The convergence of broadcast and digital technologies will bring an end to the master/slave relationship between the media and the audience that has characterized mass media for the past 100 years. The prevalent media mindset for planning and supporting media research has been predicated on this one way master/slave relationship—we send and they receive. Digital technologies are giving broadcast media new dimensions that will shatter the current mental model we use for media audience research, planning, and implementation.

The most disruptive change in broadcast media will be the abolition of audience slavery. As traditional television evolves into Advanced Television—from a one-way to a two-way medium—the audience will have greater control. Today, 19.2 million households already have the ability to received Video on Demand (VOD) and 6.3 million have digital video recorders (DVRs). By 2010, the penetration will soar to 66.0 million with VOD capability and 32.2 million with DVRs (Wieser, 2005).