Taco Bell: Live Más

Draft FCB

Business situation and campaign objectives

Once considered a cool brand in the '90s, the same research now indicated that Taco Bell was considered as a cultural laggard (BrandAsset Valuator, 2010).1 The brand's frat-boy "Jester" image and depiction across American culture in the '90s synced up with the influences and mindset of Generation X. For over a decade Taco Bell enjoyed success as the Mexican-American inspired alternative to a burger-heavy world. However, in the past three years, Taco Bell's sales experienced ups and downs which left sales essentially flat.2 The brand hit a low point in 2011, both in sales and relevance among its core millennial target.3

Our Quantitative Culture research convinced Taco Bell to shed the "Jester" image of Think Outside The Bun and change its archetype to that of an "Explorer" brand. As a result, Taco Bell rebranded with Live Más which moved them from being a food-as-fuel to a food-experience restaurant.