ANA's Liodice outlines challenges (and opportunities) for the digital age

Geoffrey Precourt

In his opening remarks at the 2014 Association of National Advertisers' Digital & Social Media Conference, Bob Liodice, the organization's president/ceo, cited technology as the "critical enabler" which has brought new senior-management credibility to marketing. And, he added, the addition of new marketing sciences has demonstrated, more fully than ever before, the ability of advertising to drive bottom-line performance.

"Over the last five-to-ten years, everybody has seen remarkable change," he told the Dana Point, California, audience. "We've seen so much change over the last five-to-ten years that has allowed us all to be far better connected to our respective consumer and customer audiences.

"We've seen the explosion of digital. We've seen the emergence of social and mobile. We've seen television morph into interactivity and addressability and now multiscreen. We've seen the rebirth of outdoor. We've seen the birth of digitally-placed advertising."