Ethias Neighborhood Fixers



Ethias is a national insurance company with very few offices as it's a direct insurer. When a new local office opens, Ethias wants the whole neighborhoud to know about it. The challenge: turn the opening of a new Ethias office into a major event in the local community.

When it came to creating awareness and visibility for a new Ethias office, three challenges arose:

  1. Ethias has 40 offices nationwide. The direct competitor has 600 therefore, every office has to be established in the right away.
  2. A very low penetration level in the areas were there weren't Ethias offices yet.
  3. People don't care about the opening of a new insurance office.

National context of the campaign

February-March 2011.

Ethias has been present for years with an office in the region of Ieper-Kortrijk-Roeselare, but penetration is very low. People in the region are very loyal to their local insurance broker and/or bank-insurance company KBC. Ethias moved the office in order to establish better visibility and accessibility.