Tough times

Simon Broadbent, The Brand Consultancy, discusses how advertisers should adjust their spending in a recession

Simon Broadbent

I have read many, many papers of advice given to advertisers on how to cope in tough times. As I read, my usual reaction is scepticism – at various levels. I suspect that some advertisers feel the same. So, this is a Devil's Advocate approach, intended to help the industry by seeing how our defence can be improved. I have put the papers into six groups, of increasing persuasiveness or usefulness. At the end of the article I offer a suggestion for a different way of approaching the opportunity.


At the extreme is the 'lucky lottery winner' argument.

We've weathered several periods when times weren't so good, and so I don't think we'll cancel our advertising now. In fact, we might even increase it.

W. K. Kellogg, 1929