Tram passenger survey

Richard Sheldrake, Greg Berry, Ian Wright and Keith Bailey
PRS and Passenger Focus


Passenger Focus collaborated with BDRC Group and, in particular, its data collection company, Perspective Research Services (PRS), on a study among tram passengers.

Evidence was required to inform Passenger Focus's strategy regarding the establishment of a national Tram Passenger Survey (TPS). There was a secondary objective of testing alternative data collection methodologies.

Although a pilot study, project analysis led to the encouraging conclusion that a mixed mode approach could provide a balanced compromise more reflective of the overall passenger universe than a single methodology solution.

Following this successful study and confident that TPS data can be fairly compared with the single mode Bus Passenger Survey (BPS) and rail's National Passenger Survey (NPS), Passenger Focus is considering a first wave of the national Tram Passenger Survey in Autumn 2013, using a mixed mode methodology.