Smoking: The Global Picture

In recent years smoking, and the rights of smokers, have been at the centre of an increasingly heated debate, with many governments implementing restrictions or bans in public places. It might therefore seem as if the tide is turning against tobacco. Yet TGI’s latest research from across the world shows that the cigarette industry could be far from burning out …

Smokers across the World

Europeans are particularly partial to their cigarettes. At the top end of the scale a staggering 47% of Greeks and 41% of Turks smoke, with France and Germany not far behind. Even in more moderate countries such as Spain and Britain, cigarettes are still enjoyed by over a quarter of residents (see Figure 1).

Smoking is also widespread across much of Asia, but with an interesting gender divide - in Indonesia two thirds of men smoke, compared to only 2% of women, with a similar situation in both China1 and Japan. The traditional and conservative cultures of some Middle Eastern countries are also more likely to disapprove of female smokers - in Saudi Arabia, for example, only 4% of women smoke, compared to a third of men.

New Generations of Smokers