Dove: Winning in China

Principal authors: Tim Broadbent, Anthony Wong and Geoffrey Ogay, Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai
Contributing authors: Lizzy Chen, Gilberto Pires, Judy Zu, and Shannon Ye, Unilever China Limited; Kate Yung, Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai


This case shows how Dove transformed from a small, declining player in a large market into a leading shower gel brand.

Dove got under the skin of Chinese women insights, produced a campaign that went against the grain of communications norms, to propel market share from 2.1% to 8.8% in 16 months. For the first time in Chinese history, Dove was bigger than Olay.

This case demonstrates how Dove's marcomms were the winning factor across its marketing mix. Marcomms per se delivered incremental sales of RMB 255 million (or GBP25.5 million) with a ROMI of 1:1.5.