Tasting is Believing – Progresso Soups


Progresso Soups had been battling Campbell's for category leadership for years and, while targeting Hispanics was nothing new for Campbell's, Progresso had yet to tap into this consumer group. Progresso knew directly targeting Latinos would prove vital to drive household penetration and dollar share for the overall business.

After secondary data pulls, it became clear that a huge soup affinity existed amongst Latinos; however, According to Simmons, only 60% of Hispanic HH reported usage of canned soup and broth compared to 86% of Non-Hispanics. The fact that the Ready to Serve (RTS) canned soup category was underdeveloped with Hispanics presented a clear opportunity that couldn't be ignored.

The question became: How do we win with Hispanics and begin to steal share from Campbell's?

Business Challenge

To successfully launch Progresso Soups with Hispanic consumers to grow share and dollar volume

Campaign Objective