Cricket Australia: How BBL bashed through to a lost generation of Australians

Agency: George Patterson Y&R Melbourne & Mediacom

Advertiser:Cricket Australia

Author: Tom Ward and Meredith Simpson

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2 – 5 million

Strategic communications challenge

Testing times ahead for Aussie cricket

By 2010, Australian cricket was in a spot of bother.

Unlike other commercially successful sports, Cricket Australia (CA) was almost entirely reliant on its international formats for revenue generation – the domestic State competition suffered from low levels of interest and passion, and was losing money. And even internationally, CA was increasingly unable to control the product – thanks to the increasing involvement of the various overseas national associations over when, where and how much their respective national teams played.

So why was there so little interest in domestic cricket? On the surface, at least, Aussies still seemed to love the national game. However, these results (a key indicator of a consumer's commercial potential to cricket2) were largely driven by the enthusiasm of men over 35. Younger Australians, and women, were uninterested in a sport they perceived to be slow, dull, and uninvolving. As one teenager told us, "My dad likes the cricket, he stays in and watches it, but I reckon its pretty boring, it just goes on forever…"3