Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Manage the conversation through the 4Cs

Steven Van Belleghem
InSites Consulting

Promoting in tandem the four pillars of good word-of-mouth – customer experience, conversation, content and collaboration – will maximise the conversation value.

Over the last two years, InSites Consulting has conducted extensive studies into the conversation potential of brands and companies. The research shows a strong correlation between positive and impactful word-of-mouth and business KPIs. Yet, it is still the case that only a minority of businesses actively manage their word-of-mouth conversations.

This is one of the big paradoxes in business: we believe in the power of conversations, but we don't proactively manage them. This article, I hope, will help companies break that paradox and become 'Conversation Companies' – companies that are people-centric organisations, with an open and positive company culture; a culture that believes in the positive power of employees and clients.