While We 'Go Create' You Need To 'Go Measure'

Lessons learned while implementing a media strategy for Sony

Tim Foley
Director, Communication Insights, OMD Worldwide, United Kingdom.
Peter Magnani
European Communications Strategy Director, OMD Europe, United Kindgom.
Leigh Terry
Head of Interactive, OMD UK, United Kingdom.


Sony has always stood for quality and its success to date has come from a focus on individual products. In spite of this, Sony has built a strong heritage without an overriding umbrella or generic message. However, the world is changing and Sony's sector has become intensely competitive. There are numerous competitors with technically similar products, own label, budget and lower priced brand products.

The emphasis on product is in danger of losing ground to the technology of the access channels (WAP, Internet, etc.) and market changes (MP3, digital set top boxes).