OneTouch: Power of Knowing

Category: SME-Manufacturer: Multi-Retailer Rollout
Brand/Client: OneTouch / LifeScan Canada Ltd.
Lead Agency: The Integer Group

Strategic Challenge

OneTouch, Canada's leading blood glucose meter and test strip brand, was trapped in the eye of a perfect storm. At the beginning of the second half of the year, four factors had come into play, requiring the brand to take immediate action to halt a devastating decline in share.

  1. Strong competitive activity
  2. A major LifeScan competitor took advantage of their partnership with a leading insulin pump manufacturer by initiating a direct mail campaign in which they shipped free meters to OneTouch users on those insulin pumps. This caused many OneTouch patients to immediately switch to the competition, resulting in LifeScan's almost overnight 5-point share loss.

  3. Loss of key retailer partnership