Lifebuoy: Help a child reach 5

Agency: Lowe + Partners Mumbai
Advertiser: Unilever
Brand: Lifebuoy
Country: India


Every year, 2 million children die before the age of 5 due to diarrhea and pneumonia1. Deaths that can easily be prevented by washing hands with soap. In 2013, Lifebuoy made it their mission to reduce child mortality rates related to these two killers by changing the hand-washing habits of 1 billion people by 2015. This paper tells the story of how the Lifebuoy 'Help A Child Reach 5' (HACR5) global campaign was developed to empower millions of people worldwide to spread the message that hand washing with Lifebuoy soap can save children's lives.

The challenge

With 4 children dying every minute, diarrhea and pneumonia account for 29% of under-five child deaths worldwide, killing more children than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined2. India, with the world's largest child population3 (and who's population eats with their hands), bears the greatest brunt of these cases with the death toll in 2010 exceeding 600,0004.