Coca Cola: Crazy for good

Agency: Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo
Advertiser: The Coca-Cola Company
Brand: Coca-Cola
Country: Global / Focus on Mexico


With the world's attention on the global obesity epidemic, Coca-Cola had many fingers pointing towards it. The world's largest and most-loved brand had become the site for a difficult cultural conversation — around physical and social health, personal responsibility, governmental responsibility, and well-being. Within this complex maelstrom of opinions, there was one clear factor that needed to be called out if Coca-Cola's status as the world's number one brand was to be retained. And that was that the brand had always been, and was always going to be, a beacon of human happiness.

What was needed was a shift in public opinion from only seeing the company at the center of the health debate to also seeing Coca-Cola as a brand that has a leading cultural role in making the world a happier place.