OgilvyOne Viewpoint #11 - New directions in loyalty

Dan Knudsen

By adopting the newest technologies, National Car Rental offers enhanced consumer experiences, driving loyalty and sales.

PERHAPS NO OTHER area of the travel industry is as much of a commodity business as car rental. The major players all offer basically the same cars and amenities, which makes creating frequent renters a real challenge.

National Car Rental, a unit of Vanguard Car Rental USA Inc., has long been a leader in developing innovative technological solutions that make car rentals faster and more convenient for frequent renters. For example, to speed up the car return process, members can receive an "e-receipt" - an industry first - which appears in their email box seconds after they return their cars.

In 1987, National launched the Emerald Club®, the industry's first frequent renter program. The Emerald Club's primary customers were business travelers - a narrow market, which made one-to-one communications an attractive channel. As the company's focus shifted from transactions to customers, direct mail became the predominant communications vehicle.