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Richard Nicholls
Future Foundation, UK


The digital world moves at a breakneck pace. It is changing the ways we interact with each other, engage with brands, spend our money, and shop. It is democratising the way we live, with emerging markets showing significant technological developments, bypassing changes that took decades in advanced economies, which are impacting consumers in every walk of life. It is creating vast amounts of big data, giving brands - and consumers - new levels of information, knowledge and empowerment.

We will focus on the following themes in this paper:

  • Digital Behaviours: Global perspective and country-by-country variations
  • The Hyper Individual: How consumers are using digital tools to professionalise their lives
  • The Performative Self: How social media is powering a culture of sharing, recognition and recommendation
  • The Smart Networker: How global internet users are managing personal data, online identities and digital footprints