Procter & Gamble: Pringles Help the Oversharers


CLIENT • Procter and Gamble

THE TEAM • David Harris, Martin Gent, Julian Ormerod, Hannah Riley, Simon Diss, Thibault Dargeou, Kristina Matovic, Katie Stockton, David Boydell, Charlotte Brewstar. Other contributor: Starcom MediaVest Group.

WHAT IS WONDERFUL ABOUT THIS WORK? • We noticed our targets loved broadcasting everything online, but people were bored with it. So we had one simple strategy — to share less. Our site was visited from 113 countries, and we got over 700 likes’ and 84 mentions in blogs, tweets and websites in 30 days.

OBJECTIVES • Change negative attitudes and make Pringles the chip of choice for 16 to 24-year-olds hanging out with their friends.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • 16 to 24-year-olds love brands that entertain them on social media or give them something new and unique. Pringles was not one of those; it had become outdated and irrelevant. We noticed that our target group loved sharing everything online, but a resistance to all this ‘oversharing’ was forming. Seeing requests on Facebook for a button to ‘dislike’ dull overshares inspired us to overturn Pringles’ traditional sharing philosophy, and surprise our audience by suggesting they share less. And so ‘Help the Oversharers’ was launched.