Put the Radiometer on! Will a switch to electronic measurement ruin our currency in Belgium?

Dominique Vancraeynest

Philippe Degueldre
CIM (Centre for Information on the Media – Multimedia JIC), Belgium


This paper describes the findings of a field test in Belgium whereby radio was measured in a unique nationwide sample using both the standard seven-day diary system and the GFK Eurisko radiometer with the same individuals. Attention is given to critical issues such as respondent compliance, granularity of the listening sequences, volume of listening and audience by daypart. Finally, the voice of the respondent is also heard.


CIM is the Belgian JIC for all media audience measurement, including radio. The CIM Radio study, the national currency, is based on diaries with a quarter-hour registration of each individual station up to the local level. Although the recruitment and the length of the diary changed over time, it is now largely accepted as a stable and good-quality measurement, and therefore sufficiently robust to stand as the national radio currency. Nevertheless, a need was felt to deepen the knowledge and look for alternative measurement options, typically radiometers. More precisely, the key question was: how can electronic measurement impact radio currency?