If the consumer is not a moron, could the shopper be?: Developing an holistic shopper framework

Anand Singh
Coca-Cola India, India

Pavi Gupta
Coca-Cola SEWA, Thailand

Sum Yim Ling
The Nielsen Company, Singapore


With the development of modern trade in emerging markets, the retail landscape is an ever-changing canvas, and a canvas with abstract art that needs expert knowledge to be interpreted.

The consumer is suddenly being forced to become a shopper. Shopping could be a chore, an experience or a consumption occasion by itself. It could be a small mom & pop outlet in a house, a small tobacco kiosk the size of a study table, a bakery with a few stools to prop one up while eating, or a supermarket with trolleys and automated check-outs; all within a space of a few hours and within walking distance of each other.