U by Kotex: Generation know

Category: Engaged Community
Brand/client: U by Kotex / Kimberly-Clark
Lead agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Contributing agencies: Geometry Global, Organic, Inc., Marina Maher Communications and Mindshare

State of the marketplace & brand's business

79 million American women use Feminine Care products every month, making it a $3 billion dollar category in the US1. The category is highly loyal, with 50% of 14-24 year olds choosing a brand and sticking with it for life2. Attracting new young women to the brand is therefore critical for long-term success.

U by Kotex launched as a sub-brand of Kotex in 2010 and reinvented period care forever. With its stylish black box and bold-colored tampons, it was the first fem care brand to look more like a fashion accessory than a medical device. It had an attitude to match, challenging the idea that periods were something to hide, and introducing "girl power" swagger to a category stuck in the 1950's. In its first year on the shelves, U By Kotex succeeded beyond expectations, grabbing 4.3% dollar share, the largest share point shift in 30 years3.