Super Nanny: Control Toys

Giuberto Giustina
Publicis Brasil

Campaign details

Brand owner: TV SBT Canal de Sao Paulo
Agency: Publicis Brasil
Brand: Super Nanny
Country: Brazil
Industry: TV channels, services, programmes
Media budget (USD): $500k - $1 million
Channels used: Internet - general, Magazines - consumer, Point-of-purchase, in-store media, Print - general, unspecified, Television

Executive summary

To create awareness among Brazilian viewers for the broadcast of the TV series, Super Nanny, Publicis, the agency, decided to target parents with a humorous campaign about disciplining children. It placed a series of spoof toys designed to "tame" badly-behaved children in a large number of high profile stores in Brazil and filmed the reactions of parents. The toys' packaging offered the advice that a better alternative was to watch Super Nanny. As evidence of its success, this case study cites the high debut ratings for the Super Nanny broadcast.

Campaign background