Phoenix and the Power of Garbage: For Possible Side Effects Consult Your Doctor or Market Researcher

Angela Giebner, Ayobamidele Gnädig, Paul Robert Thomas


"I have learnt to discover the good things in all that is spontaneously rejected, and the bad things in everything that is easy to accept." (Serge Lutens, Parfumeur)

In the early 1820s a number of unlucky Germans met an untimely death after having indulged in – how cliché – beer and sausages. A Dr Justinus Kerner was responsible for finding out what could have caused these unexplained deaths. On examination of the sausages in question, he identified a scarily lethal poison which had developed during the decay process – these sausages were certainly ‘off’. Thus came about the name ‘The Sausage Poison’.1)