Media dwell time

Bernard Cools

The same usage duration provides different levels of advertising impacts for different media. Ad clutter and media dwell time need to be considered in media plans.

Usage duration is often seen as an indicator of advertising value for media: the longer the consumption of a given medium, the more it should represent an advertising opportunity. Especially in the digital field; media owners often argue that internet, social media or digital media in general do not get their 'fair share' in the overall budget allocation: if internet represents say 20% of total media consumption, they argue it would deserve 20% of total media budgets.

The prerequisite of this statement is that every consumption minute on every medium has equal value. In this respect, print media would see their share of advertising budget dramatically decrease since the reading duration is lower than TV or the internet (for example, in Belgium, reading newspapers lasts 54 minutes, while TV viewing represents 238 minutes every day).