Waterstone's - TheBigBookBank

Agency name: Waw Communications
Client name: Waterstone's
Category: Innovative Idea or Concept


Waterstone's is the leading specialist bookseller.

2008 was the National Year of Reading in the UK and ‘The Big Book Bank’ showed Waterstone's support of the initiative.

How did it work?

All 23,000 primary schools in the UK were sent a pack telling them about the scheme and inviting them to register on ‘The Big Book Bank’ website.

Once registered, schools received a welcome pack consisting of a school display kit, book review stickers and Waterstone's free book vouchers.

The interactive website, www.thebigbookbank.co.uk formed the hub of the campaign, with curriculum-based lesson plans for teachers, games for school children and a section for parents.

Teachers encouraged school children to bring an old favourite book from home that they'd enjoyed and to review it.