Ministry of Health National Screening Unit – National Cervical Screening Programme

Category: Social Marketing/Public Service
Agency: GSL Network
Advertiser: Ministry of Health, National Screening Unit


Cervical screening is one of the most preventable cancers – without effective screening it would claim the lives of a further 250 Kiwi women each year.

This campaign was the first ever national cervical screening promotion campaign – aiming to get women talking about the issue and supporting one another in being screened. Maori and Pacific women were identified as the priority audience as they are three to four times as likely to die from cervical cancer.

The campaign achieved incredible results with an additional 31,500 women being screened, huge increases in awareness (146% increase in the number of women being aware of how often they should be screened) and an increase of 1,100 calls each month to the 0800 service line.