Dalí Museum: Helping people see the world through the eyes of Dalí

Goodby Silverstein and Partners


Help people see the world in the way Dalí saw it. That was the simple idea behind the launch of the Dalí Museum GoodPak, developed to draw attention to the opening of the Dalí Museum's new building in St. Petersburg, Florida. Despite having no budget, it was an idea seen by over five million people, and it created a new revenue stream of over $50,000 for a nonprofit institution.

At its heart, it is a case about how the creative use of technology is changing marketing as we've known it, creating communication products rather than merely communicating a product. It's a case about planning partnerships and leveraging existing platforms, not just making another "shiny object" that's increasingly likely to be "born to die" rather than built to last. It's a case about doing interesting things in the belief that interesting things will happen as a result. And finally, it's about creating communication that is interesting enough that people are willing not just to participate with it, but also to pay for it.