Why planning is the 'hardest job in the agency': Insights from the Jay Chiat Awards 2013

Stephen Whiteside

Kristen Cavallo
Kristen Cavallo, chief strategy officer at Mullen

One message stood out for Kristen Cavallo, chief strategy officer at Mullen, when assessing the 2013 Jay Chiat Awards papers.

The job of the planner is growing. And it is becoming much, much harder.

"I think it is truly becoming one of the hardest jobs in the agency. Perhaps in the past – and by the past, I mean 20 years ago – it might be sufficed with a unique piece of insight," she said.

"Now, so much of what a planner does continues throughout the process of production and development – making sure the channel's right, the execution's right – because so many of the ideas are experiential in nature. And so the planning process, I believe, has extended, which makes the job of a planner harder."