Popular Online Games: New Insight from European Research

Claudio Franco

Below are the results of January 2010 Dubit research looking into how young people are using online games.

The survey, incorporating the views of 2,332 seven to 14-year-olds living in eight European countries, indicates that internet gaming has become very popular among youngsters. Many children also said they would be willing to pay for the services, whether through subscriptions or through purchasing virtual goods.

Further commentary on the current gaming marketplace, based on separate UK-only Dubit research conducted during December 2009, is appended to the European results.

About child online gaming

The global children's gaming market has grown rapidly over recent years; network infrastructure has improved, enabling easy user access to bandwidth-heavy applications. Currently, the most popular games and gaming websites among children fall into three main categories:

  • Casual games - essentially fast, single-player games, run through Flash and accessed through gaming websites.
  • Virtual Worlds - for example, Club Penguin.
  • 'Socially Networked' games - including those played through SNSs or through 'online communities', such as Stardoll.