Doing it: How work experience plays a role in attracting talent to the market research industry

Caz Tebbutt Dennis
Tebbutt Research, Fiji Islands


The Alchemist tells the story of Santiago, a shepherd boy who takes an extraordinary journey from the fields of Spain to the pyramids of Egypt searching for his treasure. It is an emotive story for many, bringing heartache and joy as the reader follows Santiago to the final point of exhaustion when he fears for his life after digging ferociously for hours in a deep hole in the desert, only to find that his treasure was right at home all along, under the sycamore tree. This famous tale of Paula Coehlo's tells us that sometimes the things we seek are right under our noses all along.

What about our MR workforce? Do we have a talent pool right under our noses?

This paper presents the results of a fascinating study on the role of work experience in MR and the impact this can have on considering MR as a career option.