Action Against Hunger (Acción Contra el Hambre): The No Hunger Machine

Client Company Name:Acción Contra el Hambre
Brand Name:Acción Contra el Hambre
Agency:DRAFTFCB Spain
Category: Cause, Charity/Non-profit Marketing or Social
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: Under €25,000
Country: Spain


The world that we live in is unequal. While in one part of the world people are overweight, on the other people suffer from malnutrition. We wanted to raise awareness among Spanish people and tell them that help is within their reach. We also wanted to show them that by helping others they would also be helping themselves.


The main purpose was to put within reach two things that people usually don't do: exercising and helping a good cause. With The No Hunger Machine we achieved our mission by combining. We placed a treadmill machine in gyms, parks, public areas and offices all around Spain. This raised awareness as people got to try the treadmill and get information on Action Against Hunger.