The Rise of the New Billion-Dollar Brands: How today's best brand s are converting social good into a billion-dollar proposition

Freya Williams
Publicis Kaplan Thaler New York

A century ago, Lord Leverhulme kickstarted the movement for brands profitably being a force for social good. Today's marketers often fail because they use messages aimed at niche, green consumers, rather than the mainstream.

Let me describe an idea for a business. The basic premise is this: to make available, at a price almost anyone can afford, a product that has life-saving health properties but has, until now, been accessible only to a rich elite. The product is relatively inexpensive to mass-produce, so margins can be commanded at a low price point. Since everyone should use it every day, the market is potentially vast. And this product has revolutionary potential. As people start buying and using it, they'll become healthier. They'll grow more productive and will begin to emerge from poverty. This benefits them, and the business – more affluent people are more valuable customers.