Exploratory Results on the Antecedents and Consequences of Green Marketing

Fred Langerak
Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Ghent
Ed Peelen
Nijenrode University, University of Amsterdam
Mark van der Veen
University of Amsterdam


Environmental concerns have begun to reshape the landscape in which businesses compete. Consequently, the natural and physical environment, traditionally discussed as an external influence on the process and content of marketing management, is now viewed as central to management and marketing strategy (Hart 1995; Shrivastava 1994). Although the idea of integrating environmental issues into the process and content of marketing strategy is not new, the idea of integrating has moved into mainstream marketing consciousness over the past ten years (Menon & Menon 1997). Similarly, businesses have already started to address the deeper issues involved in sustainable marketing practices (Pujari & Wright 1996). As a result there is now a general consensus within the business community that the environmental, or so-called green market, is real and growing (Coddington 1993; Prothero 1990; Worcester 1997).