Microsoft Xbox: Halo Reach - Remember Reach

Agency: AKQA
Client: Microsoft Xbox
Product: Halo: Reach


Halo: Reach is the prequel to one of the most successful videogame trilogies of all-time: Halos 1, 2 and 3.

After Halo 3, Microsoft had launched Halo ODST. Unfortunately, this was considered a failure by both critics and fans alike, and there was significant worry that the franchise had been diluted beyond repair.

The launch of Halo: Reach had to not only result in sales; it also had to reinvigorate the franchise by shifting perception. It had to prove a return to form.

As for hard goals, they were as follows:

  • The fastest-selling Halo game in history
  • To have the most-ever concurrent users on Xbox LIVE at launch
  • Be the #1 selling game the week of launch


In order to shift perception, we had to re-imbue the franchise with a sense of importance. We wanted to create an event that would create a groundswell that started with the participation of our remaining loyal fans, and then echoed out to the general public. And this even had to feel so significant, that to miss participating in it would feel like you'd missed taking part in a part of history.