Researching the market potential of digital audio broadcasting (DAB)

Peter Menneer, Peter Menneer Research, United Kingdom
Richard Windle
, RSL – Research Services Limited, United Kingdom


Andreas Fischer has described how the conventional world of radio, as we know it, will be transformed by Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB. All parties to its development have remembered the nightmare presented by the uncoordinated technological development of the video cassette recorder (VCR). The VHS system was incompatible with the Betamax, which in turn was incompatible with the Video 2000. To head off such disasters WorldDAB (originally EuroDab Forum) was created involving all the major players:

  • radio broadcasting organisations,
  • telecoms and network providers, and
  • radio manufacturers

to work towards a consensus on the strategic issues involved in the development of DAB, including the key issue of technical standards.