Electricity Authority: What's My Number?

Categories: Most Effective Integrated Campaign
Social Marketing/Public Service
Best Strategic Thinking
Agency: DraftFCB
Client: Electricity Authority


By turning apathy into energy, DraftFCB and the Electricity Authority helped hundreds of thousands of Kiwis make savings on their power bill. Most consumers could make savings, but the thought of switching providers was too hard.

Instead of trying to explain the process, the "What's My Number?" campaign asked them to do one simple thing. In four months, this cleverly integrated campaign persuaded 405,000 people to calculate their savings number and decide if they needed to switch electricity providers, or not.

Suddenly switching providers leapt, electricity prices were on the national agenda, and power companies had to respond. Prices dropped significantly for the first time in 13 years. By the end of 2011 New Zealanders stood to save $16.7 million and arguably the market had been changed forever.

Key learnings