Effectiveness of Telescopic Advertisements Delivered via Personal Video Recorders

Nicholas Reading
Rio Tinto

Steven Bellman

Duane Varan

Hume Winzar
Griffith University

Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) may significantly change the television advertising landscape. On one hand, PVRs empower viewers to more easily avoid TV advertising. At the same time, however, the additional functionality enabled by PVRs may result in new models of advertising, including "telescopic" advertising offering additional content on demand. This study, conducted in Australia, explored the potential effectiveness of telescopic advertisements.

In their simplest form, PVRs are essentially hard drives designed to store content delivered through television. A number of PVR solutions are available, offering a wide range of services including parallel recording (recording more than one channel at the same time), buffered viewing (enabling replay and fast forward during "live" TV), intelligent monitoring of viewing activity (facilitating automatic recording and recommending of programs), electronic program guides, showcasing (additional content prestored for triggered viewing), and many other services.