Pond's: Face My Love

OgilvyOne Worldwide Manila

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Philippines
Program start date: 06/01/12
Program end date: 08/31/12
Advertiser/Client Name: Cesca Silvestre
Product/Service Description: Pond's revamped its facial wash range for teenage skin by launching the Pond's Clear Balance range. These variants were infused with the power of clay to solve 4 of the oily skin problems that teenagers face – acne, clogged pores, excess oil, and blackheads.
Category: Consumer Products (CP)


Business problem

The facial wash category was not growing. Instead of having teenage girls switch to facial wash when the signs of puberty show up on their skin, they choose to wash their faces with what they are already used to. The key competitor for the category was body soap. The challenge was to convince teenagers that with the changes that their skin is experiencing, they needed to move on from body soap to facial wash. Several above-the-line efforts promoted facial washes for teenagers over the years, but recently these were no longer working. They weren't enough to convince the market to make that switch from soap to facial wash. Brands needed to be more creative and targeted in how they will talk to these teenagers. Pond's needed to target young girls who have just recently hit puberty. This is a new experience for them, so they don't understand the changes that are happening to their skin, nor do they understand that they can address these changes with facial wash. As kids, they were used to using body soap on their face. Even as they grew older, they didn't see the need to use a cleanser that would be appropriate for their skin's needs.