A Deep Dive Into the Mind – Exploring the Subconscious with Guided Relaxation

Ralph Poldervaart
Motivaction, Netherlands


Eighty to ninety percent of our behaviour is determined by our subconscious mind. The problem market researchers face is that they communicate with the conscious mind of consumers. Hence, gaining answers that reflect a mere 10 to 20% percent of what drives consumer behaviour. That does not make market research necessarily unreliable, but it stresses its limitation to predict consumer behaviour.

Consumers are often unaware of the drivers that determine their decisions. When asking them, they may give a detailed report, but this is based on what they think influences their choices, which is often not how they act in real life. Especially with more complex decisions we tend to use algorithms that are stored in our subconscious mind to make a decision. These decisions are not irrational, we are just not fully aware of the underlying decision criteria. 'It just felt good'. Anybody who has ever bought a house will recognise that it's hard to pinpoint why you fell for this particular house, but you just pictured yourself living there.