Gillette India prospers by creating “brand movements”

Low Lai Chow

When Procter & Gamble (P&G) looked at the male wet shaving market in India five or so years ago, its findings were far from comforting.

“We know Indian men typically have a lot of hair. What we also know is … that they’re not shaving enough,” said Massimiliano Menozzi, general manager of Procter & Gamble’s Shave Care Asia arm, at the Festival of Asian Marketing Effectiveness 2013 in Shanghai.

By tapping into its own corporate purpose, however, P&G was able to identify a way forward. “It all starts from what we can offer our consumers: a better experience, and eventually, becoming better themselves,” said Menozzi.

“We moved from considering the guys in India as consumers to [considering them as] individuals; how they behave, what they believe in, and how the whole system around their lives really revolves - the system of their friendships, relationships, society, trends, culture, and beliefs.