Global de Pinturas: A Painter, a Bombshell and 20 seconds of fame

Proximity Colombia

Entry Information

Category: Product Manufacturing and Distribution
Country where program ran: Colombia
Date program started/ended: July/November

Product Description: Pintuco is Colombia's wall paint leading brand. To create a bond with painters they wanted to launch the Pintuco Color Fans, a loyalty program designed specially for them.

Advertiser/Client Name: Global de Pinturas
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Marketplace challenge:

To launch the program we had to find the painters around the country. But we had a problem: They are not unionized. They have no meeting places and no advocates. Nothing identifies them (such as a cab to a driver). Pintuco had spent two years building a database to launch the program and had come up with incomplete information of about 6.000 painters. It was not enough for the expectations of the program. That left us one option: to dig up the painters out of the blue and make them come to us.